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<American Airlines Center-Dallas Marvericks>

Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars allow cameras without flash at games. Professional cameras (cameras that have a lens 3 or 6 inches in length) are not allowed in American Airlines Center unless accompanied by proper media credentials for Dallas Mavericks and all concerts. Dallas Stars allow cameras of any size, as long as they are not placed on a tripod.

Audio and video cameras are strictly prohibited at all events at American Airlines Center.

Shop and Door Open
Fan shop doors open two hours prior to game time. All other doors open one and one half hour prior to game time.
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<United Center-Chicago Bulls>

Sporting Events: non-flash, still cameras of any type may be used to take pictures of sporting events or events where house lights are illuminated during a performance as long as it does not interfere with other guests view. Any tripod or other photography equipment may not be used or placed in any area of the building without a building issued media credentials.

Gate Times
Gates generally open 90 minutes prior to the events and games. Family shows may vary. For a specific gate opening time, please visit the show's event page.

The Bulls Market/Blackhawks Store is a complete merchandise store located on the 100 Level across from Section 117. Satellite merchandise stands are also located throughout the arena. The Bulls Market/Blackhawks Store is generally only open for Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Bulls games.
The store is open on game days only, however, you can call our mail order department at (312) 455-7605 and they will ship your merchandise anywhere in the U.S.

Michael Jordan Statue
The Michael Jordan Statue “The Spirit” is located outside of Gate 4 off Wood Street. For more information on statues at the United Center, visit our Statues page.

Backpacks and Bags
Personal sized backpacks and bags are allowed into the arena, but only after inspection by United Center security at entry. For your convenience, items may be checked at either Gate 2 or Gate 6 Guest Relations Booth and picked up when exiting the event. Please keep in mind that the Fire Department requires any item deemed to be oversized, "if it cannot be comfortably stowed under your ticketed seat without obstructing the aisle." If the item is oversized, it must be checked.

Guests are permitted to bring banners, signs, and flags to games and special events, however, they may not obstruct the view of any other guests. Under no circumstances are banners, signs, or flags permitted to be affixed to a stick or pole. This policy is subject to change based on requests from the attraction or promoter. For specific event questions, call the United Center at (312) 455-4500.

Entry Inspections
All guests entering the arena are subject to visual inspection, bag check, and metal detection conducted by United Center security.
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<Fedex Forum-Memphis Grizzlies>

Banners and Signs
Though some events allow the display of signs, they must be approved for the event and are subject to the discretion of the Memphis Grizzlies prior to entry. Banners and signs may not be hung anywhere in FedExForum by anyone other than those given authorization to do so by The Memphis Grizzlies. Sticks and poles are prohibited. Signage may not be displayed in any way that obstructs the view of other patrons or arena advertising.

Cameras, Video Cameras, Audio Recorders
Only small personal still camera equipment with a 3 inch lens or smaller may be brought into FedExForum. Please note that for certain events cameras may not be allowed into the facility. Video, audio and professional camera and recording devices are prohibited. Fans may not reproduce any film, digital, video or audio recordings of events for commercial purposes without the express written consent of the Memphis Grizzlies, FedExForum and the NBA.

Guests using foul language or appearing intoxicated will be ejected from the arena. Guests wearing obscene or indecent clothing will be denied entry. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.

Doors Open
For Memphis Grizzlies games the doors will open one hour prior to tip-off. For all other events doors will typically open one hour before show time. Please note that door times may vary depending on the event. Feel free to check in advance by calling

The Grizzlies Den Team Store at FedExForum
The Memphis Grizzlies Den is your year-round place for exclusive Grizzlies merchandise. The Grizzlies Den features the largest selection of officially licensed NBA merchandise in Memphis and the Mid-South. Located in the Grand Lobby of FedExForum, you'll find an array of products from Grizzlies t-shirts to personalized jerseys to other collectible souvenirs.
Store Hours(updated December 2010)
Monday through Friday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
The store will close at 4:30 pm on Grizzlies and Tigers games.

Tour Requests for Groups
Group tours are conducted for groups of 10 or more. Please contact 901.205.1516 to inquire about tour availability.
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